"In my mind, Filipino Martial Arts is not only a weapons system. It’s a true Warrior Art with all the fighting aspects. After years of practicing Martial Arts, I find the FMA as one of the most organized and rational Fighting Systems. It’s practical, efficient and at the same time it gives me the opportunity to create and define myself as a Martial Artist. Kali Sikaran is not only FMA. It’s also influenced by Pencak Silat, Muay Boran, Krabi Krabong and more.

I truly believe that my Kali Sikaran should enable my students to create on their own, to define on their own… Martial Art is not about overpowering someone. It’s about our ability to see what’s coming. For that state of mind you need to be humble. If you drive yourself with humility, you will be able to recognize and analyze those situations and maybe, and I say maybe, find your way out."

Dakilang Guro Jeff Espinous

To my students from all around the world

"I have been in so many places.
I have met so many People, Masters and also inspiring Students.
I’ve learned that training only for myself was not my way.
I realized that if I wanted to move forward, I needed to give back what I learned from them.

It is my students who brought me where I am today.
They teach me patience and humility.
They give me the energy to go on.
They give me the wish to surprise them.
To surprise myself…
They have been my greatest teachers.

To all of you…
To the one’s who trained with me once…
To the one’s who have trained with me for decades…
Thank you so much…"

Dakilang Guro Jeff Espinous

Easter Instructor Camp

Instructors only!
Phase 5 and up or Phase 4 coming for Phase 5 Examination

Saturday, 26.03.2016, 14:00 - 18:00
Sunday, 27.03.2016, 10:00 - 14:00

Polizeisportverein Karlsruhe
Edgar-Heller-Str. 19
76227 Karlsruhe – Germany

Dakilang Guro Jeff Espinous

Amaury Eber
Cell: 0049 172 7587475
Mail: ameb@gmx.de

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Upcoming seminars with Dakilang Guro Jeff Espinous

24. - 25. September 2016

München / Germany

Kali Sikaran Seminar

Dakilang Guro Jeff Espinous


Karl Hauslinger
Cell: +49 . 177 . 7535369
Email: k.hauslinger@imail.de

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